A Clean Space is a Clean Mind


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Did you know that we spend over half of our lives in the workplace?

It seems a little crazy, but you spend just as much time at work as you do at home during your lifetime. Because of this, you want to make sure your workspace is kept clean and tidy.

A clean space is a clean mind. It is a phrase which many of us have heard but probably haven’t paid enough attention to. What does your desk look like right now? The chances are it has tons of sheets of paper, files and stationery. When we have a desk full of stuff, we can’t concentrate on what we are doing. If it takes you 10 minutes just to find the document you need for the task ahead, you know that something needs to be done. Start looking at your office as an extension of your home, and keep it clean.



Before you start to clean your office, you’re going to need a clear space to work with. It might be hard for you to let go of that free promotional stress ball on the desk, but do you really need it? Let go of everything you don’t use and anything which can distract you from your work. Put all of your paper into the recycling, get all of the rest of the junk ready to go and hire a commercial waste pickup service to take it all away. You will feel cleansed when everything is out of the way.



Now that you’ve thrown away everything you don’t need, you can start to organise what’s left. If your office cupboard currently looks like something that could lead to Narnia, you are going to need to spend some time moving things around. Invest in big storage boxes, trays and colour-coded folders for all of your projects. Take all of that spare paperwork on your desk and organise them into folders for easier access when you need them.


Dust & Spray

If you want to reduce your risk of getting ill, you need to keep the office clean at all times. Take some time to spray and wipe all the surfaces in the room, get rid of dust and any crumbs or stains on the desk. If you have a communal kitchen it might be a good idea to schedule a rotation each week, so that everyone gets his turn to clean it.


No eating at the desk

Avoid eating while at your desk. We’re not talking about a cheeky chocolate biscuit as you wait for your lunch: we mean a full chicken dinner with gravy and extra trimmings. You want to avoid crumbs and food getting everywhere. Besides, this will only have you checking your emails as you eat. Practice mindfulness, and be more present as you finish your meal. Step away from the desk and have a break outside. This will help you keep both your mind and your desk clutter-free. 


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