7 Things That You Can Do to Make Yourself Happier


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Do you spend all of your life working hard, taking care of your family and looking after other people? This is life for many of us. We’re rushed off our feet trying to earn enough for our families to have the lifestyle they deserve, taking care of our homes and keeping everyone happy. We so rarely take the time to look after ourselves.

But, over an extended period, living like this can do more harm than good. You won’t be able to make everyone else happy unless you start taking the time to look after yourself. Neglecting your health and well-being, while being busy and rushed can lead to stress, illness, depression and other health issues. If you want to be the best that you can be for others, while giving your work your full attention, you need to do things that make yourself happy. Here are seven things that you can start doing that will make you happier.


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Hit the Black

Money is one of the biggest challenges to our happiness. If you are on a low income and struggling to make ends meet, money can be a constant concern. Every cent that you spend can make you feel guilty, and every bill that comes can fill you with dread. Even if you earn well, an unexpected bill or expense can be a worry.

It’s thought that around eight out of ten of us are in debt and that the average American household with credit card debt owes $15654. With this level of debt, it can be hard to save money for rainy days. But, that’s exactly what you need to feel financially secure. Clearing your debts and getting your accounts into the black can be one of the best ways to make yourself happier.

To do this, you need to look at your situation and make a plan. Start by looking at your income and expenditure. Make cutbacks and savings where you can. Then, stop paying the minimums on your debt repayments. Instead, set up a direct debit for whatever you can afford.


Reach Inbox Zero

Do you have tons of unread emails to deal with? Does just opening your inbox stress you out? Clearing it can help you to feel like you’ve got less to do. So, start working through. Reply to any that need it, delete the rubbish, save anything important and unsubscribe to any junk that you don’t need.


Make a To-Do List

Having a lot to do can be stressful, and we all have a habit of putting off the jobs we don’t want to tackle. Making a to-do list and prioritizing your jobs can make the task seem much less daunting. Some tasks, like applying for compensation, can have significant financial benefits, so it’s certainly worth looking for more info. Others, like deep cleaning your home, can improve your mood. Look for the positives of all of your jobs and start crossing things off your list as you go. Write a master list, with any big outstanding jobs you’ve been putting off. Then, make a new list each day to help you to organize your time and get more done. The simple act of crossing that last job off your list every day can make you much happier.



Exercise is perhaps the easiest way to get a quick happiness boost. Exercising can help on a few different levels. Firstly, regular exercise can have a hugely beneficial effect on both your physical and mental health. It’ll help you to maintain a healthy weight, cut your risks of developing a range of long-term health conditions, boost your immune system and give you a chance to think or clear your head. It’ll also boost your confidence and give you a great sense of pride in yourself. Meeting goals, even small ones such as “get off the sofa and move” or “walk to work instead of driving” can help you to feel great about yourself. Then, there’s your brain’s chemical response to exercise. Even just a little cardio or strength training will trigger the release of serotonin in your brain, making you feel happier, more alert and more confident.


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You laugh because you are happier, but you can also find that you are happier because you laugh. To make yourself happier, spend more time with people who make you laugh. Go out with your friends, invite them around for dinner, or go shopping together. It can be hard to make time to socialize when we are busy, but it’s exceptionally important that you do. Your friendships and relationships need nourishing if they are to last. So, spend time with the people that you love, laughing.  


Switch Off More

Technology is fantastic. Social media is wonderful. The internet is life-changing. But, it can all get too much. Social media can make us competitive, jealous and unhappy. Overusing it can also become an addiction, with all of the symptoms that go with it. So, if you find that you check your phone the second that you get out of bed and last thing at night, it’s time to take a step back. Have a night when you turn your phone off and leave it in another room. Spend the evening speaking to the people that you live with, instead of the rest of the world. You’ll feel better for it.


Treat Yourself

When we’ve got families and responsibilities, we often put our wants and needs last in a long line. We spend our time and money on others, and we don’t do things for ourselves. One fantastic way to make yourself happier is to treat yourself. Buy yourself something. Not because you need it, but just because you want it. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive. A coffee out or a magazine occasionally will do. But do it often. You deserve it!

There are many things that you can do to make yourself happier. Sometimes, just taking that little bit of time to think of yourself is all it takes. Just remember, a happier you, is a happier mom, a happier wife and a happier employee. Everyone you come into contact with can benefit.


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