Remote working is the future for many businesses. Advances in online technology make it possible to work from anywhere, at any time, which is changing how people design their working day. Yet, many businesses are afraid of remote working. If you’re keen to move forward with the times, then finding ways of making remote working successful is important.

Take a look at these ideas for making remote working work for you.

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Take your work to the cloud

Cloud working has changed the way that businesses carry out their work. Through using cloud software and storage systems, people can access the files and information they need at any time and from anywhere. Advantages of moving to the cloud include more security, affordability and needing fewer resources such as servers to function effectively. Cloud working is perfect for remote workers, helping everyone to stay on the same page.

Give employees what they need

Remote working is most effective when people are given the tools they need to do their job. Having the right tech equipment is a good place to start, but on a more basic level, remote employees need to feel supported and a key part of the business. You can try an employee management software stack that will allow employees to access their information such as annual leave balances, payslips, etc. These systems help keep data secure while giving employees more control over their information too.

Adopt a more flexible approach

More and more businesses are adopting flexible working, and it’s something that more and more UK workers want from their jobs. Remote and flexible working go hand in hand, giving employees more control over their working patterns and allowing them to enjoy better work/life balance. You could state core hours that employees need to be working and available to contact, but make start and finish times flexible. Companies that offer flexible working claim their employees are more productive, with many feeling happier in their jobs.

Try it yourself

If you want to see the benefits that remote working can have, try it yourself. You’ll get to experience what it’s like to work from another location, and analyse what works well and what needs improving.

Remember to communicate

Communication is one of the most important elements of running a business, and it’s one of the most important for making remote working work too. Having different types of communication such as phone calls, video calls and instant messaging can help employees feel connected, no matter where they are. Hold regular meetings and don’t forget to check in regularly with remote workers – it’s important that they feel a part of the team even if they’re not present in the office.

Remote working offers several benefits for you, as well as your employees, something that can increase job satisfaction and even motivate your employees to do your best work. Approaches such as remote working help to create a more productive workplace and cements your status as a forward-thinking employer. Take advantage of what’s out there by hiring talent in different locations and make remote working work for you.

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