Your Ammunition for Battling Hair Loss – Abby Asistio’s Story


Abby Asistio – a singer-songwriter who first got her chance at fame by auditioning for the first season of “The Voice of the Philippines – shares her lifelong struggle with a hair loss condition that left her completely bald. Called Alopecia, the condition started to affect her when she was only four years old. Growing up, she had to wear a hat to conceal the bald spots on her head. This resulted to unwanted attention and bullying from other students.

Abby eventually started to wear a wig. But this proved to be an even bigger challenge, with her unnatural appearance earning even more cruel words from her peers in college.



Abby’s parents did everything they could to make her hair grow back. One of the things they made her try was a chemical-based product that only ended up burning parts of her scalp and even her neck. Her condition grew worse and resulted to a completely bald head.

Once while shooting for a music video in July 2012, Abby felt she’s grown too tired of her wig that was so stiff it did not move at all. She then decided to embrace her baldness. A friend’s encouragement to “be yourself” further reinforced her decision. By September of that year, she’d come out in public with her bald head for the world to see. She also wrote and performed the song “Beautiful”, which encourages people to appreciate others for who they are.



Nearly a year after Abby made peace with her condition, a new hope appeared on the horizon. She learned about Novuhair, touted to be nature’s answer to hair loss. Fast forward to year 2018, Abby now has her hair back and is busy with her brand ambassadorship for Novuhair, in addition to her advocacy for increased awareness of Alopecia and how the condition affects people.




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