The Unveiling of Two New Residential Communities in Greenfield City – These Could Be Your New Home!


On May 26, 2018, I had the pleasure of witnessing the unveiling of Greenfield Development Corporation’s new developments: Trava and Zadia. They form part of Greenfield City, a master-planned community in Sta. Rosa, Laguna that is envisioned to be the best alternative place to live, work, and play outside the congested Metro Manila. It’s a business district in the making.



“Launching some of the newest milestones at Greenfield City gains significance for us at Greenfield, as they validate that we are on the right track in supporting the urbanization and progress of Sta. Rosa, Laguna which is already home to important business parks and industrial zones that help steer economic momentum in Metro Manila,” said Atty. Duane A. X. Santos, executive vice president and general manager of Greenfield Development Corporation.





Trava – Green-Living in a Luxurious Subdivision


We were introduced to Trava, a luxurious, high-end subdivision. It’s the flagship project of Greenfield Deluxe, the new upscale brand of Greenfield.



A 31-hectare horizontal development, Trava allocates almost half of its land area to green open spaces. The upscale subdivision boasts residential houses made of first-rate materials and designed to be environmentally-friendly. Residents benefit from the unparalleled quality of living and energy efficiency a Trava home provides.




Trava is situated right at the heart of Greenfield City, and it features solar-powered areas, fully underground utilities, dedicated jogging paths and bike lanes, and tree-lined roads. The subdivision will also have swimming pools, a dance studio, function rooms, tennis and basketball courts, and a fitness center with state-of-the-art exercise equipment.



Trava is located in an area that is less than an hour away from the metro, making it a strategic location to settle down, not to mention its immediate vicinity. Sta. Rosa is already being touted as the “Makati of the South”, owing to its thriving industrial zones and business parks.




Zadia – The Convenience of Condo Living in a Suburban Setting


Zadia, on the other hand, is a new vertical community that offers a fusion of condo living and suburban lifestyle. It’s ideal for people who enjoy the conveniences of condo living, but prefer the peace and quiet of the suburbs.




A 36,000-square-meter condominium complex, Zadia takes pride in its low-density, nature-rich environment. Rising up to 10 storeys, the first of the enclave’s five mid-rise buildings has only 24 units, each with its own balcony.



The condo units come in one-bedroom and studio unit configurations. The property is complete with a swimming pool area, tennis court, an indoor basketball court, clubhouse, a gazebo, and landscaped gardens. Zadia is also bathed in lush greenery, as it aims to give its residents a healthy dose of Greenspiration.





Having a condo property outside the metro may seem counter-intuitive, considering how people often go for a condo because of its easy access to key business locations. But this is actually in keeping with the growing trend of developments spilling over to the fringe locations. More and more township projects are being developed outside of Metro Manila, and dipping your finger in the pie early on is like buying a property in Eastwood while the city was still at its infancy.



Alternate Roads for Improved Accessibility


Greenfield endeavors to play an instrumental role in building infrastructures that provide value not only for its developments but for the neighboring communities as well, spurring growth in the area. They have recently completed the development of a 25-meter wide and 1-kilometer long road that will serve as a convenient route to Trava.



Greenfield is proud to announce the completion of the alternate route of Eton-Greenfield Interchange in Malitlit town, Sta. Rosa interchanges, and the Greenfield City-Unilab (formerly Mamplasan).


These roads improve access to Greenfield City’s industrial, business, and residential hubs, which include the Santa Rosa Business Park, Paseo Outlet hub, Pramana and Solen residential communities, and the recently launched Trava and Zadia.




A Place to Live, Work, and Play


Greenfield is on a quest to making Greenfield City the best alternative location for residential, business and leisurely pursuits outside of the metro. They’ve already established pioneer outlet malls and al fresco shopping malls. 3,000 sqm of new retail leasable space will be added to their inventory by 2019.



Greenfield has come a long way from the single Paseo building that housed a few shops. The first commercial and lifestyle center now includes a fresh produce market and a number of additional establishments. Six more Paseo buildings were also built, offering hair salons, clinics, bars, signature labels, sports brands, and other stores. Paseo Outlets has grown to be a mecca for urban dwellers seeking unique weekend destinations, particularly for good food and bargain finds.  


Paseo 6, the latest addition to the complex, will feature a one-level, wrap-around retail establishment with a two-level car park structure. Slated to be launched by the second half of 2019, the structure will offer an exciting mix of food and non-food shops.



The retail complex will also feature a new two-level retail building situated within the transport terminal. The retail building will be part of Greenfield’s bigger development plan, which aims to showcase the company’s commitment to Sta. Rosa and trust in the city’s potential, as well as to contribute to the area’s vigorous economic growth.



Other Completed Greenfield Projects


Literally building off of their position as one of the country’s leading property developers, Greenfield is achieving milestones with its other master-planned community, the Greenfield District in Mandaluyong City.


“These are milestones that are testament to our unrelenting optimism in the Philippine property sector and our commitment to develop land for the welfare of generations of Filipino families,” said Santos.


Greenfield District’s Zitan, a pioneering residential condominium near the EDSA MRT, is ushering in new homeowners. The Greenfield Tower, a corporate building along Mayflower Street, is to serve as the new Greenfield corporate headquarters and as a new BPO office building and office headquarters for a number of companies and locators. Greenfield is also working on the inauguration of the rehabilitated Williams Street, which will be a crucial connection to the main EDSA thoroughfare.


“We have confidence in the potential of Philippine cities to thrive. This is why we continue to build on our developments—guided by our promise of developing communities that are worthy to be handed down, from one generation to the next,” said Santos.



Metro Manila’s urban density is one of the highest in the world. Its congestion has gone so out of control that its motorization rate, or the number of passenger cars per 1,000 inhabitants, has now far exceeded its street capacity to hold traffic. Centrifugal migration, or the outward movement of people from the urban areas, is seen to help solve some of the problems of the overcrowded metro. More satellite communities that offer a mix of leisure, business, and residential developments should be developed in areas outside of Metro Manila. And Greenfield City is determined to provide just the “live-work-play-shop lifestyle” that could effectively lure people to the outskirts of the city. A business district in the making.











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  1. Both communities look like fab places to live in Tanha. I would get out of the urban area of Manila too and its legendary traffic. Head to the suburbs for a more peaceful, seamless experience, right?

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