Managing Your Outsourced Team Effectively

Outsourcing some of the tasks with your business can be a cheaper and more effective way to get them done. You need to gather a team of people you can outsource to that you can trust to produce work of a high standard with agreed deadlines. If you have never outsourced before, or are just considering the idea, there can be a learning curve in your management of an outsourcing team.


Efficient communications between yourself, your employees and the members of your outsourcing team are important for you all to gain an understanding of the work in hand and ensure your business goes smoothly.  You need to discuss what will be the best way to communicate that is clear and concise and does not lead to misunderstandings.  There are numerous online tools to help you achieve this. Be certain before any communication that your comments will be understood and the desired outcome of the communication will be met.

Use Effective Software And Outsource Providers

There is effective software that can help you to manage your projects, including any work you have outsourced. It allows you to add users, update and monitor tasks and make any changes that are needed.  If your employees and outsource providers all have access to this for any project, there is less likely to be errors made or work duplicated. Management software also makes it simpler to integrate other tools, which can provide reports on progress being made.

It could be that you are also outsourcing tasks such as your accounts and payroll. These can be time-consuming jobs that stop you working on the projects you should be aiming to complete. Outsourcing your payroll to Cloudpay, for example, would mean you would have peace of mind of a payroll service that you can trust to be accurate and efficient.

There are other jobs you can also outsource that will leave you to do the work you need to concentrate on. Social media management is just one other example of a task that can be outsourced.

Use The Digital World To Your Advantage

This digital world we live in has made it simpler for everyone involved in a project to be looking at the same page at the same time. The people you are outsourcing to may need access to documents and information for them to produce work of the quality you require. There are tools online that will allow this to happen and let you give everyone up to date at the same time.

Makes Them Your Friends

Make friends with the people you outsource to as this can have a huge benefit if they get pushed for time. If they have more than one deadline to meet, generally they will take care of your job first if they think of you as a friend. This is not difficult to do. Ask them about their kids or partner or if they have had a good weekend. Simple, friendly comments can mean a lot when they have to choose which job they should give priority to.

There are a large number of benefits to outsourcing, not least that you will have access to expertise that might not otherwise be possible. Making the most of that is up to you and the way you manage your outsourcing partners.

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