Join the Partakan Festival – The First and Only Ride and Rock Festival in the Philippines


Join the fourth annual Partakan Festival happening April 14-15, 2017 at Anguib Beach in Sta. Ana, Cagayan. It is the first and only ride and rock festival in the Philippines. The event is especially ideal for motorcycle enthusiasts and their families. Participants get to enjoy the “Boracay of the North”, as they take on various challenges and celebrate the brotherhood, passion, and freedom of motorists.



Amazing Ride Moto-Tourism Challenge

One of the many thrilling activities you get to experience at the festival is the Amazing Ride Moto-Tourism Challenge. Sponsored by Shell, the game provides participants with the chance to win up to P20,000 in cash and other exciting prizes. The game is much like the Amazing Race TV series in that it features challenges in several locations. The key difference is that it is not a time-based competition, as the main goal is to promote tourism, family bonding, and camaraderie. You get to take your time and just bask in the beauty of the surroundings. This makes the experience more enjoyable and extraordinary. Leadership, brotherhood, and friendship will also be both tested and nourished.

Participating teams will be groups of five members made up of riders, clubs, commuters, backpackers, family members, or circle of friends. The game is brought to you in partnership with the Department of Tourism, and will feature stations in different tourist destinations in the Northern Region.


Automoto Speed Challenge

Now this game is definitely time-based. It will indulge your need for speed. Sponsored by Kawasaki, the Automoto Speed Challenge is a motorcycle and automobile drag race competition held in a controlled environment. It aims to provide a legal and proper venue that will raise the standards of drag racing as a sport. It will also feed the fire of the rider’s passion for motorcycles. It provides a platform for enthusiasts of both two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles to come together.


Bail Out Challenge

Yet another thrilling game, the Bail Out Challenge is modelled against the popular TV series “Wipe-Out”. Participants will be dealt with many exciting challenges that will test their strength, patience, and intelligence. The game is in keeping with Partakan’s ultimate goal of spreading boundless and carefree freedom among their riders and the young at heart. More than just exposing you to the vast and stunning landscape of the Cagayan Valley, Ropali Corporation wants to have you experience the freedom to do more by having thrilling adventures while enjoying the beauty of untouched beaches.


Ride and Rock Festival

The Partakan Festival’s celebration of Brotherhood, Passion, and Freedom will be culminated with a fun array of activities, including the Partakan Summer Bod competition, Summer ReVibe Hip Hop Dance Showdown, Partakan Motorcycle Raffle, and Battle of the Bands. Awards will also be presented to the winners of the Auto/Moto Challenge, Bailout Challenge, and the Amazing Ride. Special prizes will also be provided to the participants of the minor activities, such as the Beach Games, 4×4 feat, and Club recognition.


… participants may also take part in sand building contests, safety riding seminars, and a variety of water activities. Yamaha will sponsor a trail ride, volleyball tournament, and off-road gymkhana.

The Partakan Festival is brought to you by Ropali Motorcycles, one of the Philippine’s biggest motorcycle dealers with 128 branches all over the country, with the support of Honda Philippines, Inc., Kawasaki Motor Philippines, Inc, Suzuki Philippines, and Yamaha Motor Philippines. Other minor sponsors include Shell, Kymco Philippines, Spyder, Universal Robina, Pioneer, Tree Top Adventure, Shield Helmets, WRU, Ginebra, and Mahindra. 


Here’s a sneak peek at what went on at the Partakan Festival 2015!


Aldous Alingog, General Manager, Ropali Motorcycles, Partakan Festival press conference
Aldous Alingog, General Manager for Ropali Motorcycles, at the exclusive press conference for the Partakan Festival


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6 thoughts on “Join the Partakan Festival – The First and Only Ride and Rock Festival in the Philippines

  1. This looks so exciting! How awesome to able to ride your bike & participate in the Rock festival! I’ll have to check it out on my next visit there!

  2. I love festivals like these especially when you have a motorbikes there. It looks like a lot of fun! When I saw this first video I wanted to hop in there and see for myself, maybe one day ^_^

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