Hotel Hacks for Smart Travellers – How to Get the Best Deals


Hotels are still the best accommodation option for people who prioritize privacy and convenience. With the right travel hacks, you won’t have to sleep on someone else’s couch or a hostel room full of strangers just so you could save a few extra bucks. From finding hidden discounts to knowing the best times to book a hotel room, the following tips and tricks will help you travel smarter.


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Try your luck with business hotels

Hotels that cater primarily to business travellers have their slow periods, particularly during summer months and weekends. They try to lure in customers by offering lower prices during downtime. You can make huge savings by taking advantage of these deals. An added benefit is that business hotels are often located in strategic locations, providing easy access to airports, transportation options, main thoroughfares, business districts, and key city attractions. This translates to further savings for you in terms of lesser transportation expenses.


Stick to the rule of opposites

If you are after snagging the best deals, it may pay to book opposite to periods when majority of travellers are making their arrangements. You are likely to find great deals at resort areas during the weekdays and at business districts during the weekends. You also benefit from the less crowded and quieter hotels. 


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Go for the corner room

Corner rooms often provide more square footage for the same standard prices. You can request for an upgrade to a corner room. Make sure you ask discreetly and that you find the right timing. Avoid making your special requests while the hotel staff is busy attending to several guests.


Check in when the day is about to end

Hotels often have more rooms available near the end of the day, so this is the best time to ask for an upgrade. If you want better hotel rooms, check in during optimal hours of the day.


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Book within cancellation periods

Cancellation for hotels usually fall anywhere between 24 to 48 hours in advance. Booking within this period can help you snag lower prices. Try your luck at this deal if you are having a spontaneous trip and have not gotten the chance to book ahead of time.


Let the hotel staff know if you are an influencer

Are you are a blogger? Do you have a significant presence on social media? Are you active on rating websites? If yes, make sure you let the front desk know. The hotel staff is likely to make the hotel stay extra special for you. Do not demand nor explicitly request for perks though. Leave the staff to take their own initiative.


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Sign up for a hotel’s loyalty program

One of the best ways you can get the best deals and upgrades is by signing up with a hotel’s loyalty program. These programs often include perks like best rates for regular guests, access to exclusive events, free WiFi, and free room upgrades or stays at the hotel.


Take advantage of loyalty programs offered by booking sites

If you tend to travel to many different locations, a loyalty program with booking websites would be more ideal for you. Beyond just rewarding you with loyalty points, sites like Traveloka offer affordable hotel booking rates. Plus, you get to choose from many different hotel options, gain access to massive discounts, make price comparisons between different types of accommodations, and receive notifications about ongoing deals.


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Tap into the world of apps

Booking websites usually come with handy apps. Make sure you have one in your phone for added convenience. This will also let you unlock a world of discounts.

Apps often provide access to helpful information about your travel destination, from interesting facts about the place to the language spoken by the locals. It’s worth the storage space on your phone.


Sign up with relevant newsletters to get alerts on price drops

Make sure you sign up with the booking site’s newsletter so you get updates on the latest travel deals. The next thing you’d know, you’re off to an exotic destination as you take advantage of massive discounts. This could pave the way for the best surprises of your life.


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Keep your eyes open for available deals

As any avid traveler would know, keeping your eyes open for deals even in areas you weren’t planning to go to can help you reach more places than you had first imagined. Even if you intended to go to South Asia for your next trip, you might find that the Langkawi Lagoon Resort online booking is your best deal at the moment. A spontaneous trip to a beautiful location, after all, is a great way to bolster your travel portfolio.


Be on the lookout for new properties

Book your stay at a new hotel. New properties are often looking to get the word out and are actively seeking new customers. This means you are likely to get favorable deals. Booking at new hotels is especially great if you are a travel blogger, as this will keep your readers informed of new accommodation options.


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Let the staff know if you are celebrating a special occasion

Whether you are celebrating your birthday, honeymoon, or anniversary, mention the special event to the hotel staff. They may help you celebrate by treating you to special offers like upgrades or amenity kits.


Getting discounts for your accommodations is one of the best ways you can travel on the cheap. With technology on your side, cheap no longer has to mean less convenient or subpar. With the right hacks, you can gain access to the best hotels for less!



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12 thoughts on “Hotel Hacks for Smart Travellers – How to Get the Best Deals

  1. You definitely have some good advice in here, I spent 15 years working in hotels, so know the trade well! You can often find great deals at business hotels on the weekends, and never believe the advertised room rate.

  2. These are some great tips that are easy to do. The new property one is one we use when we visit hot vacation destinations with considerable discount. Luxury hotels still offer this when they are brand new and it’s awesome!

  3. These are great travel tips. My folks got a great deal at a new resort last year. And the tip about business hotels is a great one too. Thanks for sharing these. I’ll keep them in mind for my next trip.

  4. Great tips hun!! I never knew that checking in later in the day would make it easier to get an upgraded room, but now that I read it, it totally makes sense!

  5. I appreciate these tips. I am one of those people who hates to stay in someone’s home while traveling so I will always book a hotel. Thanks!

  6. These are a lot of good tips for finding hotel rooms at cheaper prices. Staying in places in the “off times” is something that I try to do when travelling anywhere. Off season and shoulder seasons are the best for not blowing your budget. I don’t usually use booking websites but I’ve been using Trivago lately and noticing how many good deals there are on there!

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