Hite Jinro: MasqueRave Party – Come Party with Us at the City of Dreams Manila!


Guys, come join us for a party at the City of Dreams Manila on the 1st of April! 🙂 It will feature a great line-up of artists, including International DJs from Korea, Top DJs from the Philippines and a lot more!

The party is brought to you by Comma Entertainment and Hite Jinro Co. Ltd., both Korea-based companies. These companies have previously worked together to host events in several countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, and United States. They have received very good feedback from both attendees and the brands they work with.

Comma Entertainment is a production company specializing in Party and Event Management. They are committed to being the most qualified event production company, ensuring the best venues, video filming, celebrities, artists, and event supplies.

Hite Jinro Co. Ltd specializes in liquor production, including vodka, beer, and Korean soju. They were named “Korea’s No. 1 Liquor Company”,  exceeding 2 trillion in sales by 2014. They aim to expand their business by exporting their products abroad. They are working on introducing their products to the market through partnerships with different KTVs and restaurants, as well as 5-6 star hotels, lounge bars, high-end clubs, and other commercial venues.

This year, Hite is targeting the Philippine market and is working with one of the newest nightclubs in the country’s capital city, the City of Dreams Manila. You are invited to be part of a momentous event called the “Hite Jinro: MasqueRave Party”, happening on April 1, 2017 at the Chaos Nightclub, City of Dreams Manila, Paranaque City.

We will be giving out limited promotional tickets. Do give me your names ASAP, so we can include you on the list. Please feel free to pm me through my social media accounts. Thanks, and see you there! 🙂


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