Fun at the Gapalooza! Start Your Own Apparel Business with Little to No Capital


I had the privilege of taking part in the Fundr Fest II: GAPalooza, a gathering that brought together online influencers and bloggers, local bands, and the Graphic Artists of the Philippines (GAP) community. We had a fun night of camaraderie over great music and unli-booze. We were introduced to a new startup brand called Fundr. A spin-off of CustomThread, Fundr is the Philippine’s first ever all-in-one platform for producing, customizing, and selling apparel. Now you can start an apparel business with little to no capital, and with professionals taking care of the logistics for you – from producing your clothing products to collecting your customers’ payments and shipping the orders both locally and abroad.



Establish Your Own Apparel Business through the Fundr Platform

Fundr is a platform that offers a complete solution for your apparel business needs, from the designing process to the production and delivery of products. Here’s how you can set up your own business with Fundr:

Design a shirt – Use Fundr’s Design App to upload your artwork, add text, and choose the fabric color. You essentially create a virtual sample of the apparel that you will be selling.

Set up a virtual store – This feature lets you create an online store for your products. You can customize your storefront, present a shop description and link the store to social media pages.

Keep track of your revenue – Your account comes with a Fundr Dashboard that lets you keep track of sales statistics and profits in real time. It also allows you to control which products to activate and which ones to phase out at any given time.

Leave the Fundr team to take care of the logistics for you – The Fundr team provides reliable fulfillment services. They will produce the products as ordered, process payments, and ship the products to individual customers.

With a few simple steps, you can have your own apparel business up and running! You can get started by visiting this link: Start a Fundr.



Get to Know the Fundr Team

The Fundr team is made up of dedicated and creative individuals boasting eight years of experience in the apparel industry. First established as SFE Inc., the company was rebranded as CustomThread to reflect its fresh and vibrant vibe. Taking inspiration from the “Google way of thinking”, the people behind Fundr uphold a progressive company culture. They empower employees and provide an interactive and fun workplace that inspires creativity and innovation. They keep two Golden Retrievers around to help employees destress, among other things.



Learn More about CustomThread

A startup company, CustomThread specializes in providing custom apparel for teams from various sectors, including businesses, school clubs, small communities, and the like. They take pride in giving their customers complete control over the creation of their clothing, as well as the freedom to change the details of their orders. Their innovative range of services includes a design app and online user tools that provide customers with a convenient platform for design creation, order processing, and quotation inquiries. They have also incorporated advanced technologies into their production process, allowing them to accurately recreate designs and to ensure excellent quality for their apparels. Their innovative team is working hard to meet their goal of becoming the household name for custom apparel in South East Asia by 2018.

CustomThread has been operating since 2007, and has served a range of clients, from small enterprises to Fortune 500 companies. They have gained quite an expertise in the apparel industry. The company boasts a 1400-square-meter factory, a digitally controlled production system, and the best printing machines in the world.



Take a Sneak Peek at the Gapalooza Party

The Gapalooza was held on April 29,2017 at CustomThread’s headquarters in Quezon City, right where their 1400-square-meter factory is located. The guests were treated to live music by some of the country’s top performers, including Itchyworms, Extrapolations and Zia Quizon. Brisom, Bradley Go, Rob and the Hitmen, Tandems ‘91, and Tom’s Story also graced the event.

The guests were provided with a behind-the-scenes tour of the production process, from the digitally controlled production system and state-of-the-heart printing machines to the photographic print, digital embroidery, and silkscreen procedures. And the party was overflowing with booze and food!


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  1. Fundr sounds like a cost effective way for t-shirt designers to create cool shirts and earn income from their business. My guess is many people who want to start their own apparel business can participate in this project without worrying about start-up costs. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, this sounds like a great event to attend. This Fundr company sounds like a great idea to get involved in. I’d have to check it out. Lots of great info here in your post. Appreciate it!

  3. Fundr totally sounds like a great platform for ppl who have great sense of design in the apparel business and don’t have money to invest. M definitely gonna share this with ppl who I feel will be interested. Cheers 🙂

  4. Taking care of logistics, funding and such misc task takes off so much from oneself. They seem to have a good business model and the event looks lively. Thanks for the share.

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