Curvalicious Movement – a Big Coming Out Party with Nadine Lustre


On March 20 at Valkyrie Night Club in Bonifacio Global City, Whisper hosted a big coming out party for its Curvalicious Movement. The movement celebrates the modern woman – fierce, fearless, and playfully bold.


Tahna de Veyra, Urban Ponder, Nana Jover, A Not So Secret Life Iloilo, Maki Javellana Saquian

Smiling for the photographers. Yours truly, Tahna de Veyra of Urban Ponder with Nana Jover of A Not So Secret Life Iloilo and Maki Javellana Saquian


Tahna de Veyra, Urban Ponder, Nana Jover, A Not So Secret Life Iloilo, Maki Javellana Saquian, Whisper, Curvalicious, Curvalicious Movement

The new Whisper still features the same dermacare lotion and cottony soft cover, anti-leak barriers, and 12-hour leakage protection for a worry-free period. Now with a curvalicious feature, the new version is made better with a more snug fit.


nadine lustre, curvalicious, curvalicious movement

Nadine Lustre performing Curvalicious for the small crowd of bloggers and people from media


Leading the pack is brand ambassador for Whisper, Nadine Lustre. A picture of independence, passion, and strength herself, Nadine is a fitting representative for a brand that has always championed women empowerment.  




At the Whisper Curvalicious Coming Out Party, Nadine took command of the stage with her performance of the new Whisper anthem – Curvalicious. Supercharged with empowering lyrics and catchy beats, the song is just the right anthem to rev up the movement.


Nadine Lustre has risen to become one of the biggest stars in the Philippines. But just like most stars in the industry, she has had her share of naysayers and critics. Her personal life has had storms of its own, with one as serious as losing a brother to suicide. But she remains a force to be reckoned with. Fueled by unwavering passion, she keeps moving forward and working hard to be a positive influence for the people around her.


nadine lustre, curvalicious, curvalicious movement


“Despite all the challenges I’ve faced, I’ve done what I can to continue saying yes all day. Beyond being a face of a brand, I really want to be an inspiration for other girls–to be the spark that will move others, women for women,” said Nadine.


“Pag totoo ka sa sarili mo, nararamdaman ng mga tao na mahal mo talaga yung ginagawa mo. People will gravitate toward what is authentic and fueled by passion. That’s how you’ll be able to inspire and encourage others. Through my work, I want to tell people to be unafraid to be strong, confident, and beautiful,” she added.



kian valenciano, curvalicious, curvalicious movement

Kian Valenciano also graced the event with her commanding presence on stage


kian valenciano, curvalicious, curvalicious movement




Whisper invites women to be part of the #Curvalicious movement, which honors those who power through any challenge and inspire the people around them to do the same. It’s a celebration of the brave and daring modern woman.


tahna de Veyra, Urban Ponder
Yours truly, Tahna of Urban Ponder


Challenges? Say yes all day! 


Party time!



tahna de Veyra, Urban Ponder







tahna de Veyra, Urban Ponder


tahna de Veyra, Urban Ponder





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