Contract Signing and Salon Party: Indulge Your Love of KPop at the Bangs Prime Salon


K-Pop has been making waves the world over. Hallyu Wave (Korean Wave), the term used to refer to the invasion of Korean culture in other nations, has been noticeable in the Philippines. You would see it in the people’s apparent addiction to Koreanovelas, their affinity to K-Pop fashion, and the pinoy’s newfound love for the likes of kimchi and ramyeon. The korean invasion is real. Mind you, Buhay Party-list Rep. Lito Atienza even went as far as to propose a bill that would ban foreign teleseryes from being aired on primetime TV. But the Korean presence in the country is expected to get stronger, especially with an increasing number of Korean nationals coming to the country to study or do business.

I don’t see any reason in resisting though, especially style-wise. We can all agree on just how attractive K-Pop stars can be. On that note, allow me to introduce you to a salon that does a great job of indulging your love for K-pop – Bangs Prime Salon by Tony and Jackey. You can visit the salon and have professional Korean hairstylists do your hair for you. Check out the photo below. Angel did my hair. She’s been living in the Philippines for three years now, and can speak Tagalog! 🙂


Me with Korean hairstylist Angel and the staff at Bangs Prime Salon, SM Marikina branch
Tahna de Veyra. Bangs Prime Salon
I am a wash and wear kind of girl. All that my hair ever gets are some shampooing and combing. Nice to be able to finally give my mane some TLC.


I also got the chance to be part of their second wave of contract signing for Bangs Prime Salon’s celebrity endorsers. Unfortunately, I missed the first one because of prior engagements (no less than Cannes Best Actress Awardee Jaclyn Jose was part of it!).

The second wave of endorses included the actors Nikki Gonzales and John Matthew Cabello Uy, both supporting actors for the hit afternoon drama Pusong Ligaw, and singers Bryan Olano, Yohan Hwang (a Korean national), and UPGRADE.




John Matthew Cabello Uy. Sorry, girls, but this cutie was singing for ME! hahah jk. 

He said he shouldn’t be singing coz he’s not a singer at all. But he’s pretty good, right?


Yohan Hwang


Tahna de veyra, Nikki Gonzales, John Matthew Cabello Uy
Me with Nikki Gonzales and John Matthew Cabello Uy, both supporting actors for the hit afternoon drama Pusong Ligaw



I was also able to join Bangs’ salon party, where they treated the fans of one of the endorsers, singer Timmy Pavino, to a makeover. They were styled by one of Bangs’ top hairstylists, Jackey Shin. Scroll down for photos from the salon party (I forgot to take a photo of myself. hahah!), and find out how you can benefit from huge discounts through a salon party of your own! 🙂










Here’s how you can have a salon party of your own! 🙂 Just bring your squad with you and avail of huge discounts.


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18 thoughts on “Contract Signing and Salon Party: Indulge Your Love of KPop at the Bangs Prime Salon

  1. Wow, I’m so new to this K-Pop phenomenon but this surely looks like loads of fun. And you got to see some celebrities which is always a plus.

  2. Never heard about this before (salon party) but it sounds awesome. Pictures really helped in getting a feel for what it’s like. Thanks!

  3. I really like Korean style haircut, like what Diether Ocampo had before, not to mention how I like watching their movies, i am even watching one now lol, My Boyfriend is Type-B

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