Bancrea Homes Digital Innovation – Taking Real Estate Assistance to the Next Level

I was one of the bloggers who took part in the launch of The newly formed Bancrea Homes worked hand in hand with its partner developer 8990 Holdings, a mass-housing advocate, in launching the website. Available 24/7 online, the site provides innovative features not offered by traditional brokerage firms. Bancrea Homes is optimistic about generating P1 billion in sales before the year ends. The newly launched site is expected to expand their reach and boost sales. Learn about how you can benefit from, even earn through, the services they offer.



What is Bancrea Homes?

Bancrea Homes was conceptualized when Roy Buen, its founder and CEO, was working as a Sales Manager for a local developer. He saw the opportunity to attract more clients by partnering with banks that offered home loans and other related products. The company’s name, Bancrea, is a combination of “Banc”, which refers to their partnerships with banks, and “Rea”, which stands for Real Estate Assistance.


Roy Buen, the founder and CEO of Bancrea Homes. In the past 17 years, he has managed the sales team network of some of the most reputable property developers in the Philippines, including Vista Land & Landscape Inc., Eton Properties Inc., Avida Land Corporation, and 8990 Holdings Inc. He also owns Designworld Home Improvement Services, an interior design and home improvement company.



Introducing Bancrea Digital …

The Bancrea Digital Team provides customer care and services 24/7 online. You can chat with agents anytime and from anywhere in the world. Innovating the home buying experience, they provide homebuyers with the best services – from unit reservation, financial education and documentation to securing home loans, moving in, and after sales services. Here are some of Bancrea Homes’ innovative features:


  • Financial Literacy Training for First-time Buyers

Homebuyers undergo basic financial literacy training before buying a house.

  • Documentation and Taxes Assistance

They have put together a knowledgeable team to assist homebuyers with the processing of documents and tax requirements.

  • Ask Rea: 24/7 Live Chat

They have a dedicated online chat platform that addresses clients’ questions and concerns round the clock. You can contact them from anywhere in the world.

  • “E-Refer Kita” App

The app lets you refer a sales lead, check the status of your referral, and earn commissions. This referral program is open to everyone. You do not have to be a homeowner or a real estate agent to avail of and earn through the “E-Refer Kita” program. You can earn as much as P15,000 for every successful lead.

  • Pabahay Program

Bancrea Homes works in partnership with employers to help their employees acquire their own homes.

  • Free Franchise for Local and International Brokers

Property brokers and agents can now start their own franchise at no cost.

  • Lead Generation and Exchange Services

Bancrea Homes has a dedicated CRM for real estate professionals to help them organize and track sales leads, as well as manage their network of agents and brokers.

  • Book-a-Tour for Free

Interested home buyers may schedule a visit at their own convenient time. The tour will be via a ride-sharing app and will be provided for free.

  • Exclusive Leasing Assistance

Homeowners can transform their home into an income-generating asset. With Bancrea Homes’ exclusive leasing assistance, getting into investment property is now easier than ever.

  • Home Buyers and Partners Rewards

Bancrea Homes plans to partner with other related industries, such as interior designers, architects, furniture and home improvement contractors, and non-life insurance agencies. Such partnerships will allow home buyers to enjoy exclusive deals and discounts.

  • “Lipat agad” Program

This is the best rent to own deal I have encountered thus far. While most property developments require at least 20% of the property’s total purchase price to be paid before you can move in, Bancrea Homes lets you start living in your own condo with as little as P16,000 in paid equity. This arrangement makes owning a real estate property accessible to more people.


Buying a house can be stressful for first-time homebuyers. They could use a lot of help from experienced brokers/agents throughout the process. Unfortunately, most property brokers and agents rarely provide after-sales service. After the client has reserved a property, they suddenly become unavailable. Bancrea Homes endeavors to make up for the industry’s shortcomings by emphasizing the importance of assisting clients from reservation and documentation to payments and moving in. As Roy Buen would remind his team, “Put yourselves in the position of your clients. Keep in mind we’re not selling consumer products. Using hard-earned money, this may be the first and last time a client will buy a property in the course of his or her lifetime.”


Bancrea Homes has strong ties with its partner developer, 8990 Holdings Inc. Known for Urban Deca Homes, 8990 serves the mass-housing market. For as low as P16,000, you can move in to your own condo through a rent-to-own scheme. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in owning a unit. Scroll down for photos of the condo and showrooms.







The launch was held at BITE – Buffet in Time Esplanade





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