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A List of Essentials for the Clumsy Millennial


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Dropping stuff from the shelf, tripping over your own feet, or spilling drinks accidentally can be infuriating. With our busy days spent juggling everything on our workbasket, we simply do not have the time to clean up our mess, literally. So, if you’re like me and are seemingly cursed with clumsiness, my personal list of essentials for the working millennial in the metro might just be of help.


Good grip shoes

Or any footwear with a good grip on any surface. This is an absolute must have to avoid slipping on any type of floor because there is ALWAYS a high possibility of you pretty much falling over even on the most high-friction of all surfaces. One favorite brand of mine is Salomon which is perfect for using outdoors. I’ve never slipped on anything while wearing it, not even on the moldy rocks while I was trekking to Kawasan falls in Badian, Cebu. It is quite expensive, but there are always cheaper alternatives like Merrell or local brands like Iguana and Sandugo. So if you’re on a budget, these are recommended.




Spill-proof tumbler

This is actually a great investment even for the most graceful of humans. For clumsy creatures, this is a daily treasure. There are tumblers that are super spill-proof and are designed to let you have your drink only if you open the latch by the mouthpiece, press a tiny button somewhere by the lid, say the magic words, and offer the blood of a virgin to the gods (kidding). Some tumblers have rubber bottoms designed to have a good grip on desks so they won’t slip and slide easily. You can always find several designs to choose from at the nearest department store.


Rubber coaster

Coasters are not just perfect for protecting the surface of your desk and your gadgets from the condensation of your drinks, they are also great for keeping your mug or glass from slipping easily and dropping to the floor when you accidentally elbow it or shove it with your hand (wow this brings back a lot of embarrassing memories). Plus, I am personally an advocate of using coasters. I firmly believe that coasters are one of the best inventions ever, and that every household should have a set of coasters…with that I am considering making a coaster business made of recycled materials in the near future.


Nail cutter

Now this may seem a bit out of place from the items listed above but trust me, this will make sense. Some of us are super forgetful (not me, I am so not defensive) that we actually do not remember to trim our nails, so they end up growing and then we get a manicure and let them grow longer and so on and so forth. So, chances are, you could poke your own eyes and scratch yourself or someone else by accident. By carrying this handy thing around, you can maintain your preferred length of nails by which you can comfortably get on with your daily activities. Plus, the knurled file part of the nail cutter makes for a nice self-defense tool. It’s a random idea, I know, but it could be helpful.


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I need a good grip for important stuff like holding my ramen.



This list consists mostly of good grip items, so as an addition … if you have sweaty palms and soles and tend to break things a lot because of slippery hands and feet, this may be of great help. There are some whose sweaty palms can be resolved by wiping them with a hanky or socks, but there are those who sweat excessively that it affects almost everything they do. If you search online you’ll find that there are several remedies for that. But if you haven’t tried applying plain baby powder and foot powder to your palms and soles respectively, give it a shot and see if it’ll work for you before resorting to more expensive methods.


This list may look like a bunch of random stuff thrown into an idea for an article, which it is. The idea actually came to me when one day I woke up and told myself, “You know what, I’m going to beat clumsiness today and help others like me.” Of course, I’m exaggerating but you get the idea. If you have other additions that you feel should be on this list, feel free to let us know by giving us a comment, or simply share your clumsy moments with us and how you overcame it. This sounds like a major issue that could use a group therapy session or something like that. I personally believe this is a real problem which could use some help from everyone else out there who are suffering from clumsiness like me and, you know, let me know that I’m not alone (please). Cheers! *bumps on the corner of the table*


Author: Colleen Lantajo

Colleen Lantajo loves to write. She contributes to sites that match her own interests, including Urban Ponder, Bentobox Manila, and The Film Traveler. She is a self-proclaimed Otaku, or a youngster obsessed with computers and certain aspects of pop culture, sometimes throwing social skills to the wind. She loves travelling, and is passionate about books, food, arts, and living a hippie life. She once had an acting stint in a music video that caught the attention of FHM. Yeah, she’s got the looks and the smarts.

She is a Registered Nurse, but is currently working fulltime as a Marketing Specialist at a SEO company. She is in the process of getting as much hands-on learning as she can. She intends to be awesome, if not the best, at the SEO circle in the Philippines. So watch out, y’all!

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