Tarot Reading with the Renowned Master Hanz Cua


I had the privilege of experiencing a tarot reading session with the renowned Master Hanz Cua. You’ve most likely heard of him, as he regularly appears in the country’s top publications and on TV shows. Everyone at home knows him, as a matter of fact (Ironically, I was the one who did not know him, as I was without much exposure to local TV for many years while living away from my family.) Hanz Cua is without a doubt one of the leading, if not the leading, personalities in the Philippines when it comes to divination and feng shui practices.


Buddha figure sold at Hanz Cua’s store in Cityland, Shaw


His Background

Hanz Cua is purported to have been a psychic ever since he was a young boy, and to possess a gift of seeing through his third eye and of reading people just by looking at their faces. Building on his so-called gifts, he improved his craft by earning a diploma as a Feng Shui Master Practitioner. He specializes in Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology or Bazi, and Zi Wei Dou Shu, which is the practice of decoding a person’s destiny and life path through his date and time of birth.

Master Cua continued to sharpen his skills by studying with many different Feng Shui grandmasters in Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, effectively lifting his status to a Sage. He is currently hailed as “the youngest Feng Shui Master in the Philippines and Asia”. He also trained in ESP and intuition development. Accomplished in the field of Tarotology, he now provides classes on tarot readings both in the Philippines and abroad. And as mentioned above, he’s become a mainstay for divination and feng shui media talks here in the Philippines.


Hanz Cua's published book on Feng Shui, and his tarot cards, hanz cua, master hanz, master cua
Hanz Cua’s published book on Feng Shui, and his tarot cards


My Experience

Now why would I engage in tarot reading? First, I had the privilege to be invited by a leading personality in the Philippines. Of course, I would oblige. Second, my curiosity gets the best of me. Lastly, this is admittedly borne out of some existential angst (hahah!). Many of us are riddled with questions about life. What will happen to me in the future? How do I make sense of the past? Which path should I take in the present? What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of all these? These existential questions are hard to address. We can never get a definitive answer for them. Hence, they hang in our head, nagging us for answers. This leaves many of us grappling for and hanging on to whatever may promise to provide the answers, even if we doubt its veracity. This is the appeal of tarot reading to me. The possibility of knowing what lies in the future, and finally address the nagging questions. I am well aware though that the practice is to be taken with a grain of salt. In the end, it is all just a fun experience that somehow provides me with more insight into myself … by way of the type of questions I ask and how I respond to the reader’s card interpretation.

One thing I noticed from my own experience with tarot reading (this was my third time) and from other people’s personal accounts, tarot readers are more effective at reading your current energies, or the kind of things you deal with at the present, more so than they could your future. In that sense, tarot reading can help you sort out the many pathways available for you at the present. The reader can then help guide you through the more advisable paths to take. It becomes some sort of a guided meditation. As Master Cua himself would repeatedly stress, what he provides is only a guide … it is still up to you to make things happen.

You may be wondering how my reading went. Did Hanz Cua hit the mark? To a certain extent, yes. Is he effective in predicting the future? Well, I am yet to find out.


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Some of the charms sold at Master Hanz’s store


A Word on the Occult

Divination is closely linked to mysticism or the occult.  As I am an empiricist drawn to the naturalistic world of science, such a thing ought not to appeal to me, right? Quite the contrary. This is exactly what draws me to the practice of divination. I often wonder if psychics do indeed have the power to see the future and to get a glimpse of the spiritual world (if there were such a thing at all). And I have this inclination to surmise that maybe these things and science do not have to be mutually exclusive. There is, to me, the possibility that time may not be the linear entity that we think it is – with the past done with and the future still waiting to happen … that maybe the past, present, and future are dimensions that coexist side by side, creating multiverses that some people have the extrasensory ability to cross. I think these are things that science can explore. To dismiss them as supernatural, just because we have yet to find scientific explanations for them, is something I would call the ‘arrogance of science’. Of course there is a chance that all these could really just be mystical make-believe … something we have conjured up in our highly imaginative minds. A great chance, at that. Still, it might be worth an investigation. As for me, I am all for feeding my curiosity and keeping my mind open.

As for what awaits us in the future … there really is no way of knowing (grrr). The best we could do is make the most out of the present, so we could cultivate a better future.

Keep it positive! 🙂


The Wealth Cat Master Hanz gave me as a gift has found a comfortable spot on our front door. It’s supposed to bring in wealth and luck.


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